Thursday, July 7, 2011

The Return

I've spent the last week or so (I got back to Portland on Tuesday night last week) doing pretty much nothing. I haven't been scheduled to work, I don't have school anymore, and there isn't much I really need to do (besides some chores that I have managed to avoid quite successfully. What I really want to do is go print in a darkroom. I want to spend my whole summer hidden away in there, learning through experience, teaching myself how to create what it is I actually want with my film. I wish I knew something about printing color film, I'd go do that in a heartbeat too. Since I don't though, I'm thinking I'll focus on perfecting my black and white printing. I have tons of photos from China, but I haven't gotten around to loading them onto flickr. I'll get to it soon, but right now I'm enjoying doing nothing and indulging myself in laziness. It's not something I always allow myself to do, especially not for this long. 

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