Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thoughts about things

So people are walking around, all of the world, with the huge, expensive super nice cameras... it makes me jealous. Mostly because they buy these super nice, high quality cameras and lenses and then don't learn how to use them, they just set everything to auto and push a button down. I'm sorry, if this applies to you, I understand you want a nice quality to your family photos, but if you are going to buy a nice camera, please, instead of ripping my heart out and stomping on it, learn to use it at least a little bit.

Wow that sounded kind of harsh, but it's just my opinion...

So, my least favorite class led me to two different but amazing things today, the first is an artist, Marta Sanchez, from Panama.

I love her designs and the colors she uses, her artwork just makes me happy.

Her website

The second thing that I discovered, well had heard of before but am now doing a project on, is guerrilla gardening. Guerrilla gardeners re-claim unused soil and dirt in urban areas by planting in them. I am going to be doing this myself, hopefully, sometime in the next few weeks, for a class project. We haven't decided exactly where yet, but anyone in Portland (Oregon, that is) that is interested is welcome to come, we may ask, however for a small donation toward our plant-buying fund. I'll probably have more to say in the next week or so...

That's in Toronto and I just can't wait to do something, maybe not quite this cool, but still pretty amazing.

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  1. what a wonderful idea, i would love to join you!

  2. hopefully it will continue past this year, so we could start a group