Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Sometimes people really annoy me. My psuedo-aunt (she's my stepmom's sister, so we aren't really all that related) told her niece (in my terms, my psuedo-cousin) that she looked "so grown-up" the other day when I went to dinner with them and some other family members (psuedo- and real). She then turned to me and said, "Not you, you still look like a little girl." To which I responded, "I'm only 19." Which is true, I am only 19, I spend most of my days going to class, studying for class, or scooping ice cream, most of the time, I don't need to be all that grown-up looking. Although I have realized more and more lately, that in just a year I will be out in the world as a college graduate and I might want to look a little more grown up then. Today, when I needed a break from writing about German history (actually it's just the history of a German island but I have to write it in German which makes my head go into over-drive after a while) I decided to see if I actually do look grown-up at all when I try. Which, is a lot of fun for me, I get to get out of my T-shirts and jeans and try and look nice, because in reality I'm wearing a plaid shirt and some cords today with a pair of tennis shoes. I should also mention that Alli's weekly feature of what she is wearing and her statement about having outfits that just don't work out today kind of inspired this as well, you can check out what she's wearing (along with various other things) over at One Pearl Button.  I'm going to caption these pictures because I think they're kind of awful and it's more fun for me.

I was frustrated by the set-up of my room not being good for taking pictures not in a mirror so I gave up and used a mirror. Also, please ignore the mess on my floor. 

I really love these shoes... my pasty legs... not so much.

Awkward half-showing-my-teeth smile.

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