Monday, November 16, 2009

While I was gone...

Lots seems to have happened since I decided to take my break. I caught the flu-cold thing that's been going around. Shawn came to visit, as did my family. I also made some chicken noodle soup that turned out fairly well. I've finally managed to get over being sick and I'm excited to see my family some more during Thanksgiving next week. Taking my break from the world of blogging made me realize some things about what I want this to be in the future. I also managed to catch up, for the most part on the giant and seemingly ever-growing pile of homework in my life. Anyway, I'm loving the cold weather right now and I can't wait to see snow soon.

Enjoy these bits and pieces...

My warm sweaters and cozy scarves are out again and ready to be worn, it must be getting close to winter. There was ice out today, my shoes felt slippery on the frozen water as I walked through the crisp air of late October. November is coming soon and with it first snows and bitter winds. A ring of ruby and gold surrounds the trees, it is soon to be lost and their bare branches will be left to stand starkly alone in the cold landscape. Only their reflections on the frigid ponds and lakes will remain to keep them company, and one day even those reflections will be lost to the ice that allows no thoughtful penetrations into the depths.

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