Sunday, December 20, 2009

Stars on my Ceiling

I've managed to stay off the internet for quite a few days now, I'm kind of proud of myself. At the same time, I could have given myself some entertainment if I'd somehow thought of the internet (I'm not sure why it slipped my mind).

Today, in an e-mail from my school concerning the construction that is, in a way, taking over a large portion of the campus, I read the following:

"Dedicated flagger will control pedestrian traffic flow"

The flagger in the place they are referring to have to be very dedicated. They control the "pedestrian traffic flow" for about three to five trucks, and especially now, I can't imagine there are all that many people walking around campus. I've always wondered what a flagger does while they have nothing to direct.

Anyway, I thought that since I am not really doing anything at all, I really have no excuse not to post anything.

Don't you think "stars on my ceiling" would make an excellent story or book title? Maybe I'm the only one that thinks of things that way.

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