Friday, December 11, 2009

Stupidity and Excitement

Let's have a discussion of some of the many stupid things I have said lately (some of them may have to be put into context):
"The point is, you don't look creepy weird." -to Shawn
"That isn't a real mountain, it doesn't go above treeline and there isn't any snow. What's wrong with you?" -not so recent, last year when visiting southern Oregon with a southern Oregonian
"I don't close my blinds because I don't want to live in a cave, like some people." -to the person whose room I happened to be standing in (while their blinds were closed)

The point is, I say stupid, mean things. I don't mean to, I don't like coming off as mean, but I do sometimes. It's something I used to try to keep from doing, but more and more I've realised that that is just part of who I am sometimes. As unfortunate as that can be at times. I don't know why I'm discussing this. Mostly I'm trying to kill time while my sheets dry, I've got a while.

In other, not very exciting news, I fit my hair into a ponytail today! It's only an inch and a half or so long and most of my hair is in pins, but the point is... it's in a ponytail!

I guess I'll get back to getting ready to go to Bend tomorrow. It's not very exciting though, but neither is the internet right now.

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