Saturday, April 10, 2010

Marsh's Free Museum

A week ago I went to the Coast and on Saturday we drove up to Long Beach, Washington. To play laser tag and visit Marsh's Free Museum. I had never been and I have to say, I was quite fascinated. It's one of those places that was called a museum in the early 20th century but is really just a building full of random curiosities from around the world. Most notably, Jake (see the last photo).

I actually watched a documentary about how they make shrunken heads once.

I have this thing about antlers... I think they're slightly amazing.

I am oh so glad I never had to make sodas with something like this.

A friendly Polar Bear, I think he looks like he wants to hug you goodbye. (This is over the door)

This sounds like the kind of political slogan I would come up with... probably why I'm not in politics...

And, finally, the reason we went to the Marsh's in the first place... Jake, the Alligator-Man.

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  1. Holy shit... I so went to that place as a kid!