Thursday, April 1, 2010


I received a free Pictoral Webster's poster in the mail. I'm in love with the illustration... how did they randomly send me such an appropriate one? I also made a really boring cardboard box a little prettier with some origami paper and a paper bag. Nothing all that exciting just little things that excite me. I have to admit that right now I am a little to excited for a study project I'm working on... I'm making a wall of human skeletal anatomy! I know... not many people find this all that exciting (it makes me want to jump up and down with excitement), in fact some might even say it's creepy. I doubt anyone will really know what they are though, I really can't draw well. I mean when an art teacher tells you you can't draw, you know you really can't draw. 

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  1. I got the same poster - love it! I haven't figured out where to hang mine yet. I think I need to make a trip to Ikea to find a frame that will fit it.

    Your wall sounds very cool! I often work with bones on archaeological digs, and for some reason they don't creep me out. Mummies - yes. Bones - no. Can't wait to see what you do!