Monday, July 12, 2010


I really dislike when I have my weekend all planned out and then everything goes wrong. This weekend for example was going to be spent catching up and getting ahead on some school reading and finishing up a presentation I have tomorrow (or today technically since it's past midnight). Unfortunately both my jobs decided they needed me both days so almost nothing got done (except me printing of a bazillion articles to do research for my presentation and earning money which isn't entirely bad). Now I'm trying to muster the energy to finish getting my presentation together... needless to say it could be going better... I was so excited that I wasn't planning on procrastinating too (or at least not procrastinating as much). I really need to catch up on that reading so I don't feel so behind all the time. I'm really just typing whatever comes into my head, my apologies to anyone that's made it this far. 

A few minutes ago I decided that the following sentence describes how I feel about my life right now perfectly: 

I'm really tired of having so many regrets and not being able to take the chance and fix them.

I'm not really sure that even makes sense to anyone but me, but it makes sense to me so everyone else can just ignore it. As a reward for making it so far, here is a picture from my recent film batch...


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