Friday, February 26, 2010


I feel like I spent a good portion of my childhood travelling by car through the Pacific Northwest, especially Oregon, but there were some trips into Washington and northern California thrown in there too. Because of this and the fact that I can't sleep in cars (anymore, as a baby, according to my parents, I could and did) I spent a lot of time gazing at the scenery that we passed and imagining that I lived in it or wishing I could stop and take photos of it, because it was all so breathtaking to me. It really still is quite breathtaking, but I've realized I'll feel that way no matter where I go (not that I've really done much travelling outside the Northwest). I recently discovered the photographer Anna Shelton who takes gorgeously dreamy photos of the Northwest, and I think (though I'm not entirely sure) that many of them come from road trips. This makes me quite envious of her, I think that if I had a car or was more motivated to travel long distances by bike, I might be more inclined to do something like this, however... neither of those is going to happen anytime soon, I'll just have to keep dreaming...

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