Thursday, February 18, 2010


Early Spring

first signs of spring

First off, some nerdy camera stuff, if you don't want to hear about it I suggest you go to the next paragraph... Anyone notice how much less noise these have than other pictures I've taken recently? I do... mostly because I know why that is. I realized tonight that my camera was set on the highest iso possible... oops! This just shows that I should really pay attention to ALL the settings when I take a photo. Anyway, that's that.

Ok, not nerdy camera stuff: I know that this year is El Nino, I can even explain what causes it (thanks to a not-so-great class presentation earlier this week), but I just can't stand that spring is here. I feel like winter never happened. I think it's mostly because I wanted tons and tons of snow this year for winter and I never really got it. It's too bad I haven't been on the east coast lately, I would have been ecstatic with all that snow. Nonetheless, I still like flowers and if I get to see flowers more this year than usual, I guess that's ok. I picked these ones tonight on the way back from the pool.

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