Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Oh goodness! If you don't know Banksy then get out of your cave! Sorry, no really though, he is one of my favorite and, to me a very inspiring, artists. Ok, so that sentance didn't make much sense, I'm sorry. It's kind of late and I just found out something amazing... BANKSY IS TAKING OVER AN ENTIRE MUSEUM FOR THE SUMMER!!

Sorry, I am a little over-excited, but hey, if anyone wants to buy me a plane ticket, I would love to go.

Find out more here.
I suppose I should give credit to this pretty awesome blog for finding out about this. Thanks to them!

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  1. Oh Banksy.. splendid! just splendid! I wish i could come along on your bend wanderings, especially to Thump coffee! looks tasty! I hope you are having a wonderful time! see you soon (please!!!!!)