Sunday, June 21, 2009

Bend Wanderings

The ceiling at Thump Coffee, every board has someone's wish on it. I make one almost everytime I go in there.
Delicious coffee from Thump.
In Drake Park.
If I ever have such a nice house with such a great porch, it most definately needs bright yellow chairs!
The window at one of my favorite stores Ironhorse.
My lemonade stands were never this cool.
Osprey nest and Osprey.

The Deschutes River.
My favorite wildflowers.

Geese rule the river-side parks of Bend.

I had the weekend off this week, which isn't something that normally happens, so I decided to go and wander around some of my favorite parts of Bend since it had been so long. It really seemed like a perfect summer day, for a while. As I walked through one neighborhood, there was even an ice cream truck! The music and kids running after it really made it seem like summertime, even if it was a little chilly.

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