Friday, June 5, 2009


Portland has decided that summer is not yet to come to us. I am all right with that though, the heat that we've had the past few weeks has worn me out, and it is strange to me that the nights are so warm, I miss having to wear a coat if you go out at night, but that is just because I am used to it.
As I was sitting here looking at the grey weather today and thinking about how to celebrate being finished with my classes for the year (hooray!), I decided to do some sewing. Because I don't have my sewing machine here in Portland, I have been making handkerchiefs and, even a pillow, by hand this year. I decided that I would share my sewing box with you. I know it isn't all that interesting, but it makes me happy to see the things that I've collected over the years being put to good use.
All the boxes and buttons, fabric pieces and threads in this box have a story of some sort behind them.
As for the photo of the city... I like the idea of the city being all mapped out in such a careful way.
Have a good Friday!

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