Monday, August 10, 2009


Earlier tonight I found out that I am going up to Portland in a little over a week to see The Flaming Lips at the Edgefield Amphitheatre. I am so excited, not only for the concert, but to be in Portland again, even for just a day. As much as I love Bend, and I will always love it. I also love being in the city. There is so much more excitement and things to just sit and watch there. And I get to see some friends that I haven't seen since June. Needless to say again, I am excited!
Also, in other news, I have most of this next week off and the weather is supposed to be heading back towards warmness, so hopefully I will be out and about doing things, and taking lots of pictures while I do them (I haven't been too good about taking photos lately, but I know I want to take more).
So, I hope that everyone else's week has gotten off to as grand of a start as mine.
Hooray! (I'm sorry... I had to do it, I'm excited... and apparently in love with that word)

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