Tuesday, October 20, 2009

I know I shouldn't

I spent today doing nothing, this goes against everything my mother ever taught me. I like to blame my mother for a lot of the weird quirks I have (the good, bad, and just plain crazy ones) but I really shouldn't. My mother taught me a lot of really important lessons about life (though I did somehow manage to skip the "how to cook" lesson, I tried to boil water the other day without actually turning on the stove). She taught me to manage my money (thank goodness!), how to clean absolutely anything you could think of (including getting grape juice off a wicker-seated chair), and how to have fun in and enjoy the outdoors. But, I think the most important lesson that I learned from her is that I need to seek help when I really need it (this is the number one rule in her house). I don't like to ask for help, though, because somehow I also learned as I grew up to be independent and capable of taking care of problems myself. Tonight I'm thinking the key to life is the balancing of these two; being independent but knowing when you need others to help you. Thanks, Mom. I know I don't say that enough.

(oh, and I still refuse to ask for help when it comes to reaching things that are high up, unless it's not an appropriate time for me to be climbing on things)


  1. Love you my little Sydney Squiddly! I was thinking today on the way home in the car about the times just you and I spent during the 1st year of your life. You snuggled in the baby front pack. You kicking in the stand-up baby backpack while I gardened. You riding in the jogger. You and me in the '72 Toyota Land Cruiser and visiting the "bunny golf course/park." You at your birthday in the pink shoes and your diaper. You the next year in the bike seat while I commuted to Gresham from Portland. No wonder you love the outdoors. You were and are a cutie!