Wednesday, October 7, 2009

A Late Night Knitting Fiasco

Well, tonight I couldn't sleep so I decided to try and pick up my knitting projects. I haven't touched either of them since last spring, before I moved back to Bend, so I wasn't exactly sure on the patterns that I was following. I started with an orange scarf that I originally started as a birthday present for my brother. I'm not sure he'll actually like it and since his birthday is past it might end up as his Christmas present, I'm not sure. Anyway, that one went fine, I followed my pattern and got a bit done and back into the swing of knitting. After that I went to my other scarf. The one up above. Somehow... I'm not really sure how... but somehow, I completely messed it up. I'm so annoyed, I think I've started at least five projects with this yarn (which I love) but keep getting unhappy or, in this case, messing up royally and ending up tearing all my work out. I'm thinking that on this next try I'm going to use a larger set of needles and maybe even try this stitch, though I do like this one (aka the one I just messed up).

On a completely unrelated note, this is my 100th post, which seems pretty crazy to me. Thanks to everyone that reads this and puts up with my random rambles.

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