Wednesday, March 3, 2010

School... bleh.


I'm so sick of this week, I don't have enough time for everything I'm supposed to be doing. I can't spell anymore. I can't even think anymore. Even going for a swim didn't help. I feel like a snowball rolling down a hill, I keep gathering more and more stuff and then eventually I'm going to hit a tree or a wall or something and break apart into a zillion pieces. On the bright side, after tomorrow all of the stuff I've gathered up should start to melt away (if we want to stay with the stupid snowball idea). In other words I'm a giant ball of stress and it isn't going to get better for a while, but it will start getting a little bit better after tomorrow.

In other news, my brother and I have been sending each other random pictures to try and make each other jealous throughout the day lately, it's pretty entertaining. He just sent a picture of Tang and I countered with a girl scout cookie. Yesterday though he sent me a picture of murdered snowmen, which I just couldn't possibly counter. Speaking of Tang... does anyone else remember those random commercials with the Orangutans for Tang? I never understood why there were Orangutans until a couple of years ago (which I know is pathetic, but it's not as if that is how you actually should pronounce it or anything).

Sorry... I'm rambling... This is me trying to avoid writing a "term paper" (when you have two weeks to do all the research and write it is that really a term paper? I think it's more of a final project that could have used the entire term to actually be a good project). Right, I'll stop boring everyone with all the things that are flying around my head.

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