Monday, September 14, 2009


Well, time is ticking and autumn is finally coming. Or so I thought for a little while there, the last few days the weather has been hot, hot, hot. And then today, there were thunderstorms and rain all day. Not that I wasn't happy to see some rain (wait and see if I'll be saying that in a few months). I worked for the last time this summer tonight, it was fun, and I'll definately miss the free candy. But, I need to eat less candy anyway. This week I am going to spend my time doing laundry, packing up the last of my stuff for Portland, painting an old dresser (no more bright pink or flowers everywhere, hooray!) and spending time just having fun. Hopefully the weather will cool off a bit, I like those perfect in-between days where you don't need a jacket but you aren't frying like an egg on a hot sidewalk (you can actually do that, I tried it once. I didn't eat the egg though, and I wouldn't recommend it if you decide to fry one, it just isn't sanitary).

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