Sunday, September 27, 2009


I wrote tonight. It's unusual that I do any creative writing anymore. I think it helps me keep my sanity when I feel like I don't have any left. Which is how I felt. I keep thinking that one day I will finish one of the writing projects I begin, that I will create something in any art medium that I love. But it keeps not happening. School starts again tomorrow. I have classes at eight, so I should really be heading to sleep soon, but I just wanted to share this lovely series of photos by this talented gal. They make me want to be somewhere where autumn has actually begun it's descent on the world. Oh, and I also decided that when I am finished with school, I do not want to live in the city. I'm already getting tired of it, it just makes me lonely and I don't want to be lonely for the rest of my life. I would much rather live in the middle of nowhere (as long as I wasn't living there alone) or at least somewhere that doesn't make me feel like this. I want to see woods and fields and loveliness in autumn, not city-ness. But, I'll keep an open mind, perhaps this year autumn will go better than it did for me last year. I am counting on that. I'm counting on life being better than it was last year.

Ok, enough rambling.

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