Wednesday, July 1, 2009


Away We Go
If I could only have this shirt, and her belt collection...
A lovely dress... and another belt...
Australia, lots of riding and ranch clothes, I really like this style right now.
From The Changeling, I really love her pocketbook.

Her shirt in this scene is such a lovely color, I can't help but love it and her hat and her gloves, well, just everything really.

It seems like I always watch a lot of movies over the summer. I have seen three recently that I thought were all really good, and well... a little bit inspiring. But I am one of those people who can get really into a movie and may start yelling at the film while I watch it. I've learned to control myself when I'm with other people, for the most part, but when I was watching Australia and The Changeling by myself, there was quite a bit of screaming and a few tears. They were both wonderful movies, and I loved the wardrobes in both of them, I think if I could I would just take both of them in my size right this minute. They were both on really interesting subjects as well, a lot of people forget the stories of corruption that run deep in the history of humanity, I liked how well The Changeling addressed them and I honestly think Clint Eastwood could be one of my favorite directors, all his movies that I haven't seen have definately been added to my list of films to see, if they weren't already there. As for Australia, I loved it, it was like an old fashioned western mixed with a modern version of the classic romances. Ok, I might be saying a little much, I'm not a film critic or anything, I just found it really inspiring, esspecially the breathtaking landscape panoramas. It was so inspiring that I am planning on going up into the woods, or really to one of the lakes up the road, and taking some landscape photos tomorrow before I have to work. I am excited, I used to take a lot more landscapes, I think that my photography is kind of a reflection of how I am feeling, when I'm not looking at the whole picture I tend to take close-ups of objects and when I am looking at the picture as a whole, I think I tend to take landscapes more. I guess where I am really affects it too, you can't really take landscapes in your back garden, can you? Anyway, I am talking a lot more than I meant to, I'm sorry. The final film I was going to talk about is Away We Go. It was such a cute little comedy, I really loved it, esspecially the house at the end. I wish I could live there. Ok, I'm done; I need to get to bed if I'm going to go take pictures tomorrow. Night!

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