Friday, July 3, 2009

10 Things I have become obsessed with in the last two weeks...

1. Lemonade. Plain and simple. I love lemonade, esspecially the great deal on Santa Cruz Organic at every grocery store around.
2. Coldplay's album Viva la Vida. I was obsessed when it first came out and rediscovered how wonderful it is. Listen to my personal favorite track here.
3. Strawberries. Ok, this isn't a new obsession, it's been a life-long obsession really. If I could, I would live off of them and no matter how good other berries and fruits are (because I truly love every fruit I have ever tried) these will always be my favorite and they will always disappear quickly if I'm around.
4. Sunshine. The past couple of summers I haven't spent much time in the sun, in fact I have avoided it and been upset when it is there. I realize now it was more the heat than the sunshine. I love sunshine, warm weather... not so much, but I like the things I can do when it's warm out, so I put up with it.
5. Flowers and gardens. I've always liked flowers, but lately I seem to be spending more and more time in the garden. (And of course, I want to have my garden party, as talked about here.)
6. Coca-Cola. Another thing I have always enjoyed. Though I have gotten over my addiction to it, I still can't keep myself from drinking it, and I love the green glass bottles.
7. Sandals. They are all I've worn, when I'm not working. The ones below and my chacos. I love them, I don't even like feet at all, but I am loving sandals right now.
8. Button-down shirts. I think this one may have come from this wonderful post. I'm not complaining, though I'm on the hunt to find more shirts for my closet right now.
9. Whicker. In particular, whicker baskets. Mostly, I want to go for a picnic with a big, old-fashioned picnic basket. (I think that desire has to do with the sunshine thing)
10. Glass bottled drinks. I just love drinking out of a glass bottle, for some reason it is something that screams summer to me, and summer is most definately here.

Those are in no particular order, I just thought I would share some things that I can't seem to get out of my head right now.

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