Monday, July 6, 2009


I apologize for the double posting today. I know I have been posting a lot, but I really felt I needed to post this right now. At some point tonight it rained a little bit and I was sitting outside right afterward, the smell was amazing. It's one of my favorite smells, I just wish that I could somehow reproduce it. Anyway, after this, while I was sitting on the back step, the sprinklers turned on and the pattern that they made on our back patio was for some reason very inspiring to me, it was creeping along in that way that water has. I took this inspiration and decided to re-do the wall in my room where I put up things that inspire me (as I hadn't in over a year). In case you are wondering about half of the things on there now are Marc Jacobs ads, because I love his clothes and also really enjoy Juergen Teller's photos. That then inspired me to make a new piece of art... let me know what you think, please! That is all I had to say for now.


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  1. You should never be sorry for posting twice a day! They are so lovely! Anyway, im commenting this post in particular (because i pretty much have something to say about all of them) to beg you to please start your etsy store. please. i will buy everything.

    your friend,