Friday, July 31, 2009


As I was looking around flickr today, trying to find some inspiration for this, I came across this photo by one of my favorite flickr-people-finds. I thought it was slightly appropriate after last nights post and the comment that was left on it. Perhaps I just have a strange sense of humor. I actually honestly wish I had antlers sometimes, it would make carrying things around so much easier and I would be so much less likely to forget things.

Anyway, I have to say that it is strange to have my parents back in the house (although it is their house, so it does make sense). They are light sleepers so if I am up and about after they have gone to bed I have to sneak around where ever I go. Normally, I like to sneak, but when there is an actual reason to... well it can get a little tiring. Like right now, I am really hungry, but I know that if I get up, go downstairs, search around the kitchen for something to eat, come back upstairs, eat, and then brush my teeth again; that I am bound to wake someone up. I'm just not stealthy enough for this. I guess this means I really should give up any hope of becoming a spy.


There is something exciting happening tomorrow though! My brother is coming home to Bend to live. Now I'll have someone to go on adventures with when Shawn is busy doing something stupid (like working... who does that?). Not that I ever really go on real adventures anyway, but I like to consider anything I do an adventure, so having Dillon here simply means that I will have someone to help entertain me whenever I am bored. Anyway, in addition to this, I am going out to sushi tomorrow night, hopefully... and maybe doing something with Shawn at some point? I'm not exactly sure, planning out days ahead of time isn't exactly my forte. Oh, dear, I almost just made a really crappy band joke with that last comment, it's time for me to sleep.

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  1. haha, you should see the antlers i made for 3d design class, i think you will enjoy them