Tuesday, July 28, 2009


I think I forgot to mention a major part of my weekend yesterday... not that anyone cares... but, I cleaned the entirety of my parents house on Sunday. Yep, that really has nothing at all to do with what I was really going to talk about... oh random tangents, my mind could take me on so many strange and wonderful adventures (and it seems that it often times does).
Anyway, back to Lavender. The plant, not the color. I mean I have nothing against shades of lavender or purple, I just am not crazy about them anymore after spending a few years with a room entirely covered in those shades. Anyway I think that lavender may be one of my favorite plants. Ever. It is so simple and pretty and smells so nice and attracts so many happy little bumbly grumbly bees (I do not know why I call them that, but I always have). Yesterday while I was watering the veggies I decided to cut myself a few stalks now that the lavender is actually in bloom. I cut a few just before it bloomed and they dried over the edges of my jar (hence their weird shapes up above), but now I have pretty blooming lavender sitting on my bookcase in a jar and it just makes me happy to look at it.
I also am happier with these photos of the lavender than I have been with anything else I have shot lately. It just tells me I need to relax and take my time but still follow my impulses when I am taking pictures.
Wow, I am a really rambly person. I'm sorry if I'm boring you.

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