Monday, July 27, 2009

A lazy Monday

For some reason the past couple of days I have been sleeping in even later than usual. It's a habit I need to break because it leaves me tired from getting too much sleep. It's always seemed strange to me that you get tired if you sleep for too long.

Sorry I disappeared over the weekend, I was busy watching bicyclists go in circles at dizzying speeds, working on one of the busiest days of the summer so far, sleeping, watching movies with Shawn (I've given up on the nickname idea, that is just silly), floating the river, playing horseshoes in the dark and finding fellow lovers of Pushing Daisies (which if you didn't know finished out it's second season in May and June... Why didn't anyone tell me? Oh, well I will find out the ending tonight). Sounds like a pretty boring weekend, but I think that I have come to love summer, much like this sweet girl down in California.

I wouldn't say that I never liked summer, it just isn't my favorite season, I definately prefer autumn or winter, give me cold weather that I can bundle up in and enjoy a hot cup of tea without feeling ridiculous. However, I think that summer is finding a new place in my heart. Despite that I am beginning to think my skin is biting itself I keep finding so many random new bugbites on me and the near 100 degree heat. Yes, this summer is making me reconsider the feelings I had for the season of sun before, maybe it's just that this year I am actually doing all the fabulous things I have always wanted to spend my summer doing and making new friends along the way.

Whatever the case I have to say that the colors of summer will probably never be my favorite, and that it will probably always make me long to be living in a beach house that is painted something similar to the colors in this photo. Perhaps I'm crazy, but a faded seafoam green cottage on the beach... sounds perfect for a summer getaway.

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