Friday, July 3, 2009


I cannot sleep right now, it's much too late for me to be typing, so I apologize in advance for any typos. I want to talk about mornings right now. Morning is an interesting time for me, depending on how I'm feeling I could be up in time to catch the end of it or just sleep right through it, but no matter when I wake up I almost always seem to catch the beginning of it. In fact, going back to school has always been difficult for me because I am a night owl and don't do well in the morning. I've learned to force myself to get up though. Breakfast is one part of morning-time that I really have mixed feelings on, I love breakfast food, like the cinnamon toast I had this morning (I suppose it is now, technically, yesterday morning), or pretty much everything I have ever eaten at Stepping Stone. Anyway, the one part of morning that I have always loved is the light. And the other part that I have come to love is coffee, and along with coffee, coffee cups (like mine from Anthropologie, have I mentioned I am obsessed with everything in that store?).

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